Monday, May 3, 2010


It's been so long since I've blogged that I forgot my login password! Well, obviously I finally figured it out. Anyway, I have a bit of bad news. I know, not what you wanted to learn. I have been trying, most doggedly, to upload all kinds of pictures to my website, to facebook, and even here on Blogger. Alas, all attempts have failed. I keep getting some really irritating error messages. There's one more thing I'm going to try before I get REALLY upset. I'll let you know if it works!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Very Short, Very Sweet

No news yet on finding the right wishlist application for the website. Rats.

I do have more jewelry made. I find I'm getting worse about keeping up with taking pictures and then posting them. Not just to the blog, but to my sales site as well! And that's just no good at all.

Finally, in this super-short blog post, I want to invite everyone to my very first booth at an art & craft fair! It's THIS Saturday (November 21, 2009 9am-4pm), so I suppose I ought to start preparing for it, eh? If you are in the Wichita/Maize, Kansas area, the fair is at the Vermillion Primary School, 501 James, Maize, KS. The fair is going to be fabulous and fun! All the pieces that are waiting for their photo shoot will be there. That means I need to catch up on photography in a hurry in case I sell those pieces! ACK!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Last time I posted, I forgot to mention one of my latest pieces. Shocked, aren't you? So now I have that one to show you, a birthday piece, two new sets and a modified older piece.

I'm still trying to figure out how to add a wish list feature to my website. I have found some that would be great if I could understand the coding process. I used to be able to build a website from scratch and now...well, now I can't. What I have found is an application similar to a gift registry. It would add buttons to my website to allow for users to select an item to put on their wish list. I have a lot of investigating to do yet. In the meantime, you may want to check out It's super-simple to add things from all over the web and the people that are shopping for you simply view your list and can shop straight from it (basically).
Okay, back to the jewelry.
My mom's birthday was last week. Her birthday necklace is made of blue-dyed tree agate, Czech glass, and silver-plated aluminum nuggets. I call it "My Blue Heaven."

The previously forgotten "Distant Shores" is made up of citrine chips, hematite, porcelain, shell, and glass pearls. I made the hook and eye clasp from sterling silver wire.

The old piece that I've modified is "Tigress." I added earrings and shortened the bracelet. I mean, come on, how many people can wear a 9" bracelet?? Now, I hope it isn't too small. When measured end to end, it's about 8". Still sounds big, but the beads are so bulky that when its circumference is measured while closed, it comes out to be about 7", a much more common size.

The first of the new projects is "Tortoise Shell." I had a necklace in the early stages of construction when I decided it wasn't working. It was becoming more artsy than jewelry and not very wearable. So, "Tortoise Shell" was the result of bead cannibalism. I named it that because the slightly overlapping circles looked like scales. The glass beads were also similar to tortoiseshell. Any other allusion to a reptile would probably turn off a lot of people.

That artsy piece? Well, it did undergo the aforementioned cannibalism. It was minimized to perfection! I can't remember if I mentioned the inspiration behind my "Star-Crossed" necklace ("Twilight"). This necklace is similar in its inspiration. The book "New Moon" (second in the Twilight saga) focuses more on the werewolf characters. I think you'll be able to see some of that in the necklace. But, it stands well on its own without a book reference! This is "Instinct."

As always, there's more to come.
Tonight is the skating party for grades K-2. Both girls are bouncing off the walls from excitement. It starts in about 40 minutes and I still have to figure out what to feed them. This should be fun!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday Season 2009

September is always busy around here. There are so many birthdays! Actually, my grandma starts the birthday ball rolling by the tail-end of August. Then, my uncle had a birthday a couple of days later and my dad's is this Sunday and Mom's is Monday. Fortunately for me, I don't have to make sparkly necklaces for any of the guys in my family! I made one for Grandma that was NOT pink, and she loved it. It was funny how it matched perfectly the outfit she wore that day! I call it "Lavender's Blue":
Of course, I can't post any pictures yet of anything I may be working on for my mom. That would just be silly. I still have lots of things I'm working on. I hope you check the website!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marshmallow News

Since the last post, we experienced a miracle! Yesterday, our backyard neighbor drove over and asked if we were missing a chicken. I hopped in the van and followed her to where she saw a stray chicken. It was three blocks away and she'd been missing for nearly a week! Well, of COURSE it was our Marshmallow. I dare say that we're probably the only chicken-keepers in the area. Oh, happy day!!

Bucket was NOT happy to have Marshmallow back--it upset her promotion in the flock. Cheetah and Marshmallow are best friends and they've been inseparable since they were reunited. It's so sweet. Tonight, everything is back to normal.

Thank you, Lord, for watching out for our sweet hen and making our family happy again!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's only August! How can summer be OVER?

I can't believe summer vacation is almost over.

YAAAAAYYY!! Oh, don't get me wrong, I love my little girls. But, boy, do they have a way of rubbing their momma the wrong way. Sigh. School starts on August 17th for us. Even my little-bitty girl is going to school this year: Kindergarten. She is very, very excited.
We were lucky enough to be able to take a family vacation this summer. We drove to Florida, to North Carolina, to Tennessee and back home again. The drive was dreadful. The girls had always been pro road-trippers, but this year, well, things were different.
We started getting eggs from one of our chickens this summer too! Three eggs so far. We also lost a hen. Marshmallow, our Rhode Island Red, jumped the fence and didn't return. The remaining four birds are all okay. It was the chicken that the older daughter had picked out at the farm supply store. We'd like to replace it, but an existing flock isn't very receptive to newcomers. What to do...
I made a few jewelry pieces before we left on vacation and two more just the other day. These latter two are projects I found in "Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry" magazine. I used the wire I had on hand which wasn't was called for, but hey, ya gotta make it your own, right? I don't have names for these:
Copper and Glass Bracelet

Copper and Glass Pendant

This one is PERFECT for summertime. It's so beachy! It's a two-strand necklace with glass art beads, pearls, mother of pearl, and other shell bits. The toggle clasp I used is a mermaid. I call this "Neptune's Daughter."

This necklace is very simple, elegant, and versatile. I guess it doesn't need much more explaining. I don't have a name for it yet.

I'm struggling for a name for this one too! I must have title block. It needs something sunny. It's made up of red aventurine and dyed orange jade (which makes me think that it's not really jade...). Maybe "Tangelo" for a name??

This final set has just a tad of goth worked into it. Maybe that's just because it's dark with a big cross. I love it anyway. Everything but the crosses are black nickel.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Can't Believe I Forgot This!

I posted new stuff last time and I can't believe I forgot to add this one! I call it "Tatting Underground". It's blue (probably dyed) crazy lace agate with sterling silver, Swarovsky crystals, and the necklace cord is brown leather. I did all the curves and loops myself on the necklace. I fell in love with the stones and had to buy them no matter the cost. So, uh, yeah, they were a bit pricey.

I have to share this photograph I took this evening. It's a gorgeous, single, crepuscular ray. I used the "sunset" mode on the camera, but that's all the messing I did to this image. I wonder if the "Hallelujah" chorus was playing where that beam of light was directed...

Happy Father's Day to all those fabulous daddies out there! I know of a few fantastic ones myself!